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Policy Concerning The Handling of Personal Information
for Recruitment and Selection
OTC Inc. will ask applicants to provide their personal information for the purpose of recruitment and selection. Information concerning the handling of such personal information is as follows. Please only provide your personal information to OTC after you have understood and agreed to the company's personal information policy outlined below.

1. Acquisition of personal information

OTC will first receive the applicant's resume either submitted in person by the applicant, by post, or via e-mail. This will include the applicant's employment and educational background. At the interview, we will also ask to view your graduation certificate, passport, alien registration card and other teaching certificates. OTC will require copies of them if the applicant is offered the position.

2. Purpose of use

OTC uses personal information provided by applicants for the purpose of recruitment and selection only to the extent that is necessary. OTC will not use personal information for any other purpose without the applicant's consent. Please note that any required documentation you submit to OTC will not be returned to you following the recruitment and selection process. OTC assures the proper disposal and deletion of documentation that contains the personal information of applicants.
3. The applicant's rights concerning the providing of personal information to OTC

Personal information is provided to OTC on a voluntary basis, and it is an applicant's choice whether or not to provide such information to OTC. However, please note that it may affect the recruitment and selection process when part or all of the requested documentation containing personal information cannot be provided.
4. Notifications concerning changes to the purpose and intended use of personal information and refusing to provide or allow use of personal information.

Please contact one of the policy managers below when you require notifications concerning changes to the purpose and intended use of personal information, or have inquiries about refusing to provide or allow the use of personal information. Please note that OTC will not disclose information or respond to inquiries about matters concerning the selection process or the evaluation of an individual applicant.

Please sign in the space below after your name, address and today's date if you understand and agree to the policy outlined above.

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1. 個人情報の取得
弊社は、採用に際し、応募者の履歴書、職務経歴書等の個人情報を郵送、Email あるいは手渡しにて取得いたします。 日本人講師の方の採用面接に当たっては、英語力の成績証明書、資格証明書等を拝見させて頂きます。 外国人講師の方の採用面接に当たっては、大学の卒業証書・パスポート・外国人登録書・教授資格証明書等を拝見させて頂きます。採用決定時には、これらのコピーの提出をお願いします。
2. 利用目的
個人情報は、採用選考を目的とし、入社手続に必要な範囲内で利用いたします。又、本人の同意なく上記以外の目的で個人情報を利用いたしません。提出頂いた必要書類は採用選考終了後も返却いたしませんので予めご了承願います。 当該採用選考業務終了後、不採用となった応募者の個人情報は、当社にて適切な方法にて廃棄・削除いたします。
3. 個人情報を与えなかった場合に生じる結果
4. 個人情報の利用目的の通知、開示、訂正・追加・削除、利用又は提供の拒否等


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